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Prisoner in a cage

Lately that's all I am. Is that all college is good for making someone extremely irritable and tired?? I miss my friends, and I miss my boyfriend, and I miss home. Even with Dear old mom and dad there, I miss it.
The piano is no longer my freedom; but my chain, shackle and cell. Is it funny that I no longer find solace in my sanctuary? I've started skipping classes with Professor O'Reily..actually I skipped a lot of all of my classes; but I'm still making A's. I do the work online, and Professor O'Reily won't seem to fail me...Is that a blessing in disguise? Or a curse...
I'm sorry this is so cynical; but I guess i've got the college blues. I haven't seen Ryan in forever since the night we went out and he did nothing wrong, I don't see anyone really, just stay in my room and work on my compositions...I've a school wide assembly tonight. I get to play for the whole college, couple of seniors are doing pieces; but Professor worked it out with the Dean... I even talked a little with Sharpay.. and by that I mean I imed her maybe once or twice and sent a letter or two. I haven't answered Martha, Taylor, or Gabi's calls...Well back to work


Think of it in one week i'll be at Julliard! It's like a fairy tale! I mean, I didn't even think Julliard got my letter; but then they gave me the scholarship and it's amazing. I wonder if Ryan is as excited as I am? I haven't gotten word on who my room mate is and i'm a little nervous..I mean what if she doesn't like me? Or something...I don't know. I'm a little sad about leaving all of my wildcats; but we're all going in different directions and we're going to acheive wonderful things I just know it. I'm really excited Ryan got accepted as well. I don't know where we stand; but I'm glad I have him. He's pretty amazing. Anyhow I have to finish packing!


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